Continuing our work on The Crunch initiative, from Wellcome Trust, we worked with Blast to create a series of short animations to bring to life an online quiz they had developed to draw attention to food awareness. The quiz asked a series of questions based on the ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ premise. For example, which came first…’The first domesticated chicken, or the first produced wine?’…the answer…the first domesticated chicken. Or, which came first…‘The first chicken bred for eating, or the first chicken bred for fighting?’…the answer….surprisingly, the first chicken bred for fighting. Our job was to produce a short animation for each correct answer, based on illustrations provided by Blast. It had to integrate seamlessly into the web page and be concise enough not to become annoying when playing the quiz. We think we pulled it off.

The Crunch What Came First?


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