As I sometimes work abroad my great friend Mekette chips in and covers my absence, so this time around she found this fabulous illustrator, fell in love with her work and decided to start this project to honour it. I also fell in love with it and super happily continued working with kids on this project till they produced these lovely pieces of art.

Kids used a mirror to observe their faces and capture the expressions on to the paper by using pencils and then we traced them onto the cardboard. Once traced and cut, we used the gum tape to construct these 3-D sculptures ready for the acrylic paint to be put on. My job was to glaze them at the end, as I’m good at that :))))) Perfect ‘End of the Year’ results! … sooo have a lovely summer all and see you soon 🙂 xx


Well, it was a Valentines Day so we decided to make something rather than buy it, right?! … kids made some ‘mean’ hearts and parents loved it. Block of wood, sanded of course no splinters, but lot’s of nails and wire! 🙂 …and acrylic paints. Perfect love present … and for the speedy reason, I hammered the nails in but otherwise I would have let kids do it of course. Love this project, will repeat it again with the different imagery soon.


This project was inspired by very recent Annie Albers exhibition in the Tate Modern … I fell in love with it and thought to bring it into the class, soooo… this activity took some planning, sketching, drawing, painting, drilling holes through the boards (Mekette, my super creative friend did the drilling … thanks Mekette!) and threading wool through them … oh how that last thing needed the patience and the persistence from all!! Sadly, I don’t have pictures of all fantastic wall hangings that kids made … so sorry, but what I do have is very beautiful!


When straight lines decide to dance you get flutter of the wings, or movement of the waves … either are mesmerising. We used very basic materials like A4 printing paper, felt-tips, rulers, scissors, lots of numbering and concentrating while sticking 🙂 … plus music in the background, it all gets quite challenging but fantastical!


It has been some time since our last post but that doesn’t mean we have stoped creating! 🙂 … o no no no … here we are back striking a pose! 😉 and using acrylic paint, paper cut-out, lots of doodling, layer of gloss to seal it all and give a bit of shine to an old wood panel 😉 … we so street, right?!?


Today we spent a whole hour listening to music, the rhythm, tempo and reacting to it on paper. Kids worked in pairs, every now and then changing their drawing partners. The artists that inspired us were Tony Orrico and Heather Hansen. It was noisy, messy, funny and most importantly not precious. Boom!



This project started by tracing the chosen image of an animal by using the continuous pencil line … while doing it, kids were encouraged to imagine the same line occupying the three dimensional space.  Once they were happy with their traced pencil images the next step was to translate it into wire structures and results are phenomenal!


We are continuing with dogs as our main subject, and why not?!…who doesn’t like a dog! 🙂
Looking into the decorative aspects of the Folk Art and trying to be creative with it, so some are more “bling” then others. Lots of colour, lots of patterns, and lots of talking, so some are more finished than others…I say, it is all a part of the creative process and the results are beautiful!


Last week we were looking at the ‘Scribble & Gesture’ style of drawing while peeking at some work of an artist Alberto Giacometti, and initial sketches of an architect Frank Gehry.  I love kids reaction to it …”what’s that, that’s not a good drawing! We can do that!” … yes of course you can, so let’s do it!!!!

And here they are, some fab, expressive and energetic drawings of dogs and occasional dog poo…bravoooo! 🙂

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