Banking Circle are a financial services company, that facilitate smaller banks and businesses. Making it easier to bank in a global market. Working with ThinkFarm, we were asked to evolve the current brand elements, to create a corporate film used as part promotion and part explainer. The client wanted to use a modern, abstract way of explaining what they do. The objects in the film, were inspired by Banking Circle HQ, and a young ‘skandi’ aesthetic.

Music by Steve Cooper


Working with ThinkFarm we were tasked with creating an animated sequence to explain Tricalculate, a complex financial service offered by NEX, a global company that helps firms manage their trades and risks. They had recently been rebranded, but had no illustration style associated with their brand. We were given a rough narrative and colour pallette, which we used to create a more detailed storyboard and developed the illustration style specifically for NEX.

It was required to have subtitles, rather than a voiceover, as it was to be used externally in office environments where the computers generally have the sound disabled.

Achieved on a small budget, we also re-purposed the elements for a web banner campaign.

N.B. – The colours are wrong if viewing in Firefox (we don’t know why!). So please view in an alternative browser. Thanks.



We were approached by Blast to put together an overview film for Croxley Park, an expanding business park on the outskirts of London. They had already created the new brand, along with illustrations and colour pallette, and using footage filmed by Adam Clitheroe, our job was to do all of the post production, and create a film that reflected the vibrant, and environmentally focused nature of the park. We also created a full alphabet, bespoke animated typeface that we used throughout.



Working with Ape Inc, we were approached to create a film that captured the ethos and work of Pears Foundation, an independent, British family foundation. Our challenge was to create something that was both understated, but also promote the great work that they do. It was very new for them to talk about themselves like this. The decision was to record a series of interviews with their Executive Chair, Trevor Pears, which captured his real passion and integrity for what they do. This helped us create a voice over that had real authenticity, that was free of brand speak and had a sincerity that we could never have achieved with a script.

Using the re-brand done by Ape Inc, it was up to us to then visualise and support these words, and convey other key messages that weren’t necessarily included in the voice over. The work they do covers a whole range of topics, from schools, volunteering and holocaust education…so the tone was crucial. Since its launch, the re-brand and film have had great feedback from all of Pears partners…which is fantastic to hear.



We were asked to create a launch film for ‘The Crunch’, an initiative setup by Wellcome Trust to raise awareness about how our food, our health and our planet are all interconnected. Through a year of events, experiences and discussions, they hope to educate both children and adults to understand the impact that our diet has on our health and our planet. Working with Blast design, we story boarded, animated and directed the film from a script provided.



We were asked, by DC&CO, to create a launch animation for Finishing & Interiors Sector (FIS), a company formed as a result of a merger between AIS and FPDC. They are positioned as a mark of trust in the construction industry, assuring a certain standard is achieved when it comes to the installation of interiors in new buildings; in the same way as Gas Safe is a mark of trust for gas engineers. We were provided with still photography, identity elements, a colour palette and a script. It was up to us to create a visual story that both introduced the brand and instilled a sense of pride. The brand development itself was at an early stage, so our role was to expand on what we had been provided and create a sharp, modern, aspirational piece for what is a relatively dry subject matter.



A year after ‘We Are What We Do’ trained teenagers to become ‘Young Speakers’ to inspire a whole generation to change…we were asked to make a film to summarise what they had achieved so far.



Working with We Are What We Do, who were collaborating with Google, we were asked to make a short introduction film for their new site The idea is to bring generations together by sharing peoples historical pictures online, to create a digital history of the world. The great thing about the site is that you can compare old pictures with how things look today using Google Streetview. It was our job to explain the different elements of the site.


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