Banking Circle are a financial services company, that facilitate smaller banks and businesses. Making it easier to bank in a global market. Working with ThinkFarm, we were asked to evolve the current brand elements, to create a corporate film used as part promotion and part explainer. The client wanted to use a modern, abstract way of explaining what they do. The objects in the film, were inspired by Banking Circle HQ, and a young ‘skandi’ aesthetic.

Music by Steve Cooper


Working with Blast, we produced this short promotional animation for the development Manbré Wharf. Used to promote the site, and gain interest from potential occupants. The key was combining the graphic style with the hard rhythm of the music, creating a modern, impactful and vibrant film.



Working with Blast, we were asked to create a trailer for a major new photography exhibtion being held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The subject was The Great British Seaside, and comprised of a selection of photographs by Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones, Simon Roberts and David Hurn. After putting forward several creative concepts, the client chose this simple postcard theme.


Working with ThinkFarm we were tasked with creating an animated sequence to explain Tricalculate, a complex financial service offered by NEX, a global company that helps firms manage their trades and risks. They had recently been rebranded, but had no illustration style associated with their brand. We were given a rough narrative and colour pallette, which we used to create a more detailed storyboard and developed the illustration style specifically for NEX.

It was required to have subtitles, rather than a voiceover, as it was to be used externally in office environments where the computers generally have the sound disabled.

Achieved on a small budget, we also re-purposed the elements for a web banner campaign.

N.B. – The colours are wrong if viewing in Firefox (we don’t know why!). So please view in an alternative browser. Thanks.



We were approached by Blast to work on an animation to help explain the sometimes controversial subject of ‘Gene Editing’. The brief had come from Wellcome Trust and The Royal Society. They felt that there wasn’t a film available that explained the subject in a way that most people would understand. Yes, there are many films that touch on different elements of the topic, but they tend to be too scientific and beyond most peoples comprehension. They wanted a film that crossed over, and explained the concept in more relatable terms, both the positives and the negatives in a hope to inform, and open a constructive debate.

We first helped develop the script with Blast, making sure the tone was right, and then produced a detailed storyboard. There was no look and feel or any existing elements, so we not only created this but also the illustrated elements….and of course the animation.

For us, this was all about tone. The subject matter is not only scientific, but also covers some uncomfortable, sensitive and human topics, that had to be addressed with care. The whole film also had to be neutral, presenting both the positives and negatives equally. We hope we managed to achieve all of this with a light touch, and have made a film that makes a tricky topic understandable, and contributes to the debate.



Continuing our work on The Crunch initiative, from Wellcome Trust, we worked with Blast to create a series of short animations to bring to life an online quiz they had developed to draw attention to food awareness. The quiz asked a series of questions based on the ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ premise. For example, which came first…’The first domesticated chicken, or the first produced wine?’…the answer…the first domesticated chicken. Or, which came first…‘The first chicken bred for eating, or the first chicken bred for fighting?’…the answer….surprisingly, the first chicken bred for fighting. Our job was to produce a short animation for each correct answer, based on illustrations provided by Blast. It had to integrate seamlessly into the web page and be concise enough not to become annoying when playing the quiz. We think we pulled it off.



Working with Blast again, we were asked to create a promotional trailer for the ‘Above and Beyond’ exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The exhibition ident already existed, and we were provided with the promotional materials, and script…it was up to us to create the moving content from this. As we only had 2D elements, we chose to recreate the rockets and planes needed in 3D, so we could combine them with stock footage, and achieve the necessary drama to match the style of a summer blockbuster trailer. The exhibition is also heavily interactive, but we didn’t have access to footage that we thought we could use. Using reference from the exhibition itself, we filmed 4 children and added HUD style graphics. We also re-purposed the elements to create a super wide format loop for the ticket hall screens at the museum. Achieved on a low budget, this is actually a slightly extended version of the final trailer.

“I just wanted to let you know that EVERYONE at RMG (Royal Museums Greenwich) and Boeing are extremely impressed with the trailer. Boeing have said and I quote ‘it is wonderful’ and better than anything else they have produced. So, wanted to say a big well done and thanks to the team who worked on this.” – Zeena Virani, RMG



After having Noel Fielding and the cast, of ‘An Evening with Noel Fielding’, visit Melbourne Zoo during the Australian part of the tour, we were contacted with the hope that we would produce an animation for them. As part of an ongoing conservation project Zoos Victoria wanted to draw attention to ‘Rob’ the Southern Corroboree frogs plight in the wild.

This tiny frog, who only lives in one part of Australia, is threatened with extinction because a lot of the female frogs are infected with a deadly fungal disease. The zoo is hoping to reintroduce a number of frogs back into the wild. The purpose was to create an animation, to be released on Valentines Day (to help Rob find love), and to raise money for the work that they’re doing. They asked for it to be in the style of The Mighty Boosh animations, which is hugely popular in Australia, and were hoping that Noel would do the voice over…which he kindly did for free. The zoo provided us with the script, it was up to us to storyboard and animate….and help Rob find love.

If you want to help Rob, then you can donate here.



Working with Ape Inc, we were approached to create a film that captured the ethos and work of Pears Foundation, an independent, British family foundation. Our challenge was to create something that was both understated, but also promote the great work that they do. It was very new for them to talk about themselves like this. The decision was to record a series of interviews with their Executive Chair, Trevor Pears, which captured his real passion and integrity for what they do. This helped us create a voice over that had real authenticity, that was free of brand speak and had a sincerity that we could never have achieved with a script.

Using the re-brand done by Ape Inc, it was up to us to then visualise and support these words, and convey other key messages that weren’t necessarily included in the voice over. The work they do covers a whole range of topics, from schools, volunteering and holocaust education…so the tone was crucial. Since its launch, the re-brand and film have had great feedback from all of Pears partners…which is fantastic to hear.


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