I have to start by thanking Natalie Waggenspack for being incredibly generous by sharing her art class ideas on the Internet. I fell in love with this project and decided to let kids in my class have a go. I hope that she would have been proud of what they achieved! Soooo …we started by looking into the art of Tony Orrico and the way he uses his body as a tool to draw. Inspired by him and the music we played during the class, children created very energetic paper designs. Those designs were then cut and used as background collages to our animal portraits. For the eyes and noses we used India ink, acrylics and oil pastels, and once dried we collaged them onto the backgrounds. To give it even more detail the kids were encouraged to work on top of the work by using pencil, sharpies, oil pastels and acrylics. This project took more than three weeks but the results are of a high quality, detail and ready to be proudly framed and hanged! Well, well done all 🙂

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